Quote For The Week: Living

You haven’t faced life until the thought of uncertainty has crossed your mind. When we’re young, the world feels like ours to take. There’s that invincibility you feel because everything is straight ahead with no regrets or missed chances weighing you down.

Inevitably, you reach the point where nothing seems to be going your way. You get to the point where you see others reaching far and beyond while you are looking up at their achievements; it feels overwhelming, it feels like failure.

But what if I told you, you are where you’re meant to be?

Success shouldn’t be measured by how much money one makes, or what position one is at in their employment. It is about accepting you are doing the best with where you have gotten.

We’d all like to make billions in money. To have the kind of success that can be seen by our peers and be acknowledged – That doesn’t really exist.

It doesn’t mean you should resign yourself into thinking you’ll never be as good as you want to be. Because it just might not be in your fate to be someone you are not.

There will always be someone who rises higher than anyone else, and there will be always be those who remain where they are. This is because everyone is where they are supposed to be.

If you can’t climb higher, then run as far and as fast ahead where you stand.

You don’t need to fall relentlessly because something is out of reach. Some people are simply born with the ability to climb, while for others it is how far they can reach from the ground that matters.

For you to understand success, you should capture it from wherever you are, not wherever you might reach.

Remember, whether you are a runner or a climber, we might not be born the same way; we might not die the same way.

What we all share unquestionably is that we are all born to live.


Quote For The Week: Hope


Sadness is an emotion we’ve all felt; some evoke it, others feel its crashing presence for the first time.

It can turn into despair should you make sadness a habit. I know how that feels. Ironically, the one feeling you want desperately to separate from yourself ends up becoming your only friend.

Those nights when you lie sprawled on the ground-feeling undeserving to place your tattered body in the comfort of a bed-those raspy breaths leaving your body one flicker at a time, a tear falling down the sides of the crinkled corners of your eyes – I know them all too well.

I might not know how to solve the dilemma that’s brought you this desolation, but I can tell you how to escape the despair it’s summoned.

We feel trapped by our despondency, yet we hold onto it as a crutch during trying times. What people suffering from depression fail to grasp is that their state is exacerbated by their inability to hope.

Really think about it.

If you were to have even a semblance of desire for the better, you’ll have your escape hatch. I realize it’s easier said than done, but all I ask is for you to keep that one shining possibility in your mind to battle the incoming storm of despair.

Hope isn’t for the weary, it’s for the brave.

So what if things seem bleak now? They won’t be if you keep that burning desire of hope roaring like a great flame. You feel as if despair has taken you over, then destroy that despair with the power of hope.

What remains will be you: The person who deserves happiness.

The person who hoped for the better.