Unhappiness: 5 Signs You’re Discontent With Life

You Stalk Other People’s Profiles

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I’m not saying the casual profile check, I mean that level of stalking where you browse through months and years’ worth of pictures and posts of someone you think has a cool life.

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There are always a few people who seem to be living it up, and you find yourself practically living in their news feed, waiting for any update and then marveling at how cool their lives are.

Flicking through their happenings give you a feeling that it’s as close you could get to that kind of life.

You Think Of Missed Opportunities

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This doesn’t count just those things that might have happened a week ago, you think back to years and decades previously where you point out the moment where things could have been different.

You think of how your life might have been had you not gone with that decision on that day. You also lump together several opportunities you had but never took a chance on.

There are times when you see someone who got a similar opportunity you once had and rue how they’ve made it work while you didn’t.

You Daydream During Work/School

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Ever had those times where you just stare into a book or a screen with nothing registering? During these moments you dream of where you could be rather than where you are.

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Your productivity takes a big hit at this point but you have no care for it; your mind has wandered far away to a distant land in your imagination. Before you know it, these daydreams become far too frequent.

These daydreams don’t have to be the same thing either, you can even start dreaming about the most random of things, as long as it’s nothing like what you have in real life.

You Want to Quit Day-to-Day Life

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You start wondering how a life of adventure might be; you could do that, couldn’t you – is what you start telling yourself.

The daily schedule from home to work/school, and vice versa feels like a rope around your neck. Although you love your friends and family, they just don’t feel enough anymore, and you want to have something different than the monotonous jingle you hum to everyday.

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The idea of dropping everything without explanation sounds like a hopeless dream, but still a prospect that sounds lovely.

You Feel Down or Sad Most of the Time

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You can’t be discontent if you don’t feel sad. This happens as a general mood rather than a burst of sad feelings. Whatever you do as part of your normal routine carries these bouts of gloominess,

It’s not only the things you do, it’s also the things that you think of doing. The activities that should be making you feel excited only make you feel down. Not much matters because you don’t have any enthusiasm for it.

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Quote For The Week: Forgiveness

We’ve all been done wrong at some point, from a minor annoyance to gut-wrenching betrayal.

When you’ve been hurt by someone you trusted with all your heart, the pain can be shattering. What’s left behind are the pieces of your once-firm bond; this will feel impossible to mend.

It’s easy to destroy a foundation that took years to build. Creating something takes time, effort, and most importantly, trust.

A simple word or an act can annihilate everything your relationship stood for: it’s that fragile.

Mending your broken heart is an herculean task, there’s no time limit for this sort of thing. We move at our own pace, what may take a few days for one person could take decades for another.

When it comes to the matter of being hurt, the process of grieving takes different forms for everyone. Recovery may feel daunting, but it is a necessity for you to move on in life.

Most of us never get the opportunity to make amends, most of us need to live with the hurt we’ve been inflicted with. But in unique circumstances, you may find an opportunity to make amends.

It is during this when you have the chance to do something that may seem impossible : To forgive. 

I understand, when you have the person that inflicted so much damage to your trust coming back and seeking forgiveness for the actions, you want them to feel the remorse rather than simply state it.

It may have taken everything you had to repair your emotions and move on, you don’t want a reminder of your worst moments creeping back into your life. It will seem more satisfactory to inflict the same hurt that you once felt rather than forgive.

But that’s where you would be wrong. 

Our emotions are the best of us, it is what makes us human. However, it is our ability to move past these overwhelming emotions and seek rationality that defines our growth.

There’s so much more for you to gain by being forgiving than the momentary pleasure you’ll receive by being vindictive toward the person who’s wronged you. It won’t take long before you feel the claws of regret latching over you should you decide not to forgive.

You aren’t born as a vengeful person, time and tragedy has made you so. It’s also time and healing that will bring out the clarity from within you. This is the clarity of having a clean slate.

I’m not asking you to overlook what happened to you, I’m asking you to realize what you will gain by being the best who you are. The rage and despondency will give way to peace and humility. 

You will be strong if you forgive. You will gain peace of mind. You will be better.

And without realizing, you’ll find all will be forgotten.

Quote For The Week: Hardships


The best form of growth comes through suffering.

A person who has never experienced any hardships has no clue how to gear up for the worst. Some people face the twists and turns more so than others; it’s natural to feel you’ve been cursed with tribulations.

Success, Happiness, Peace have all evaded me in my own personal experiences. I’ve had to claw and dig through a mountain of pain and ridicule to uncover some semblance of personal achievement.

But I don’t consider my ill-fated experiences as unjust sufferings. I consider myself blessed to have had these trials to face.

And so should you, if you happen to be in a similar situation.

Those who have suffered are the best equipped to carry on unflinching. 

It may take you years, or decades, but each time you are knocked to the ground, you’ve gotten right back up. Each time you’ve learned not to repeat your mistakes. The despondency or absence of hope has felt lighter in impact with every passing predicament.

You are stronger for every time you’ve been hurt. 

Where once you fell, now you stand firm. Where once you wallowed in despair, now you pound your chest with resilience.

Happiness will come. This is a privilege you will receive at some point down the line. You need not worry here.

Your hardships are the blessings that will get you there.

And when you reach that moment of success, you’ll be standing on the remnants of your previous hardships – They were the steps you needed to touch the sky. 

So every time you feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand, smile and take this hardship into stride; it will make you who are supposed to be.

Remember, Endurance is the art of surviving.

Quote For The Week: Friendship


We move through life in search of someone – anyone. For most it’s the search for a partner to settle down with, for others it’s someone who truly understands them.

A Friend can be both.

Before you find that special someone, you have the company of your friends. It doesn’t need to be more than one person; one friend who sticks by you is worth thousands more than people who leave you when you need help the most.

We’re truly beings drifting over to an uncertain future, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. 

With your comrade(s) by your side, nothing in life will feel too foreboding. When you’re free from the shackles of solitude you never get the sense any mountain is too high to scale, or any horizon is too far to conquer.

So go on out there and set sail in this vast, often scary world; your brethren singing songs of glory next to you will accompany you till the ends of the seas.

Quote For The Week: Emotions


Every action we take hinges on what we’re feeling. Whether it is something that saddens us, or something that brightens our day; we keep it close to our chests.

I’ve found that people tend to shape their lives based on those experiences that have touched them profoundly. What may have been a chance encounter, turned into memories worth a lifetime.

I myself can reflect back to those times in my life.

The person you see in the mirror has been molded by their emotions. Had you felt a different emotion on one particular day, you would have been staring back at someone else entirely.

Even if you were hurt terribly by an event in your past, remember that it made you who you are today.

All memories, good or bad, are part of us. They made you feel something.

And any time you feel an emotion, you feel your heart beating.


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