Quote For The Week: Forgiveness

We’ve all been done wrong at some point, from a minor annoyance to gut-wrenching betrayal.

When you’ve been hurt by someone you trusted with all your heart, the pain can be shattering. What’s left behind are the pieces of your once-firm bond; this will feel impossible to mend.

It’s easy to destroy a foundation that took years to build. Creating something takes time, effort, and most importantly, trust.

A simple word or an act can annihilate everything your relationship stood for: it’s that fragile.

Mending your broken heart is an herculean task, there’s no time limit for this sort of thing. We move at our own pace, what may take a few days for one person could take decades for another.

When it comes to the matter of being hurt, the process of grieving takes different forms for everyone. Recovery may feel daunting, but it is a necessity for you to move on in life.

Most of us never get the opportunity to make amends, most of us need to live with the hurt we’ve been inflicted with. But in unique circumstances, you may find an opportunity to make amends.

It is during this when you have the chance to do something that may seem impossible : To forgive. 

I understand, when you have the person that inflicted so much damage to your trust coming back and seeking forgiveness for the actions, you want them to feel the remorse rather than simply state it.

It may have taken everything you had to repair your emotions and move on, you don’t want a reminder of your worst moments creeping back into your life. It will seem more satisfactory to inflict the same hurt that you once felt rather than forgive.

But that’s where you would be wrong. 

Our emotions are the best of us, it is what makes us human. However, it is our ability to move past these overwhelming emotions and seek rationality that defines our growth.

There’s so much more for you to gain by being forgiving than the momentary pleasure you’ll receive by being vindictive toward the person who’s wronged you. It won’t take long before you feel the claws of regret latching over you should you decide not to forgive.

You aren’t born as a vengeful person, time and tragedy has made you so. It’s also time and healing that will bring out the clarity from within you. This is the clarity of having a clean slate.

I’m not asking you to overlook what happened to you, I’m asking you to realize what you will gain by being the best who you are. The rage and despondency will give way to peace and humility. 

You will be strong if you forgive. You will gain peace of mind. You will be better.

And without realizing, you’ll find all will be forgotten.