My Bucket List: These Things Will Happen Before I Die

Before you start breaking down in tears over my supposedly upcoming death – or, in case you don’t like me, your cheers of delight – I’m not dying.

Or I am, I don’t know when it’s going to happen.

But I do know that if I die the conventional way (not getting blown up, shot, stabbed, maimed, or get a heart attack after getting stung by a bee – yeah, that’s the worst one), then I want the things I’ve got planned to have happened.

When I was a kid, I never thought of life as a cycle that kept repeating each day from school/work to house chores. I had this idyllic outlook with wide-eyed wonderment.

And you know what? That’s a good thing to have, because when you die, you won’t be thinking of those boring hours in the office, you’ll be thinking of the times where you were living.

But since we live in the frame of mind of “stop living in a fantasy”, when it comes to being larger than life, we stop dreaming – which kills you in a way.

For me, though, dreaming is what keeps me going day by day, and it is how I carry on my personal development.

I’ve got it all in my mind (taps forehead like a know-it-all) – lifestyle, travel, business, achievements, the works.

Even you can have this style of thinking; you’ll be surprised how exciting living can be when you give it the perspective of death.

Now, enough of setting it up; here’s a list of things I’ll be doing before I die.

Note: I’ll keep on updating this and scratching stuff out. So, when you see it not being updated anymore, then I’ve kicked the bucket.



Visit at least one country in each continent

Visit Spain and Italy (These are the big ones for me)

Visit space (or something close like an anti-gravity simulator)

Go on a solo trip across any country

Swing at the edge of the world

Bunk in a hostel/motel

Roam the streets in a completely unknown city late at night

Spend at least a day with a person I just met during travel


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Make at least $3000 per month through Freelance on a consistent basis (Initial)

Invest savings in Gold

Invest savings in Land

Be completely dependent on Freelancing income

Maintain Freelancing Business

Become a solo entrepreneur

Make passive income

Make money while traveling

Personal Development


Be able to talk in a social circle

Take pictures with complete strangers

Talk on stage

Complete two more books

Learn at least one more language

Learn to cook at least three major dishes

Teach someone (anything)

Build muscle good enough to be in magazines

Not get out within the first six balls in cricket

Wake up late and not miss a thing

Go a day without bout of anxiety

Go at least half an hour without procrastinating




Watch any cricket match in a stadium

Attend a WrestleMania

Attend a Cricket World Cup match

Watch a Manchester United game at Old Trafford



Get at least one book published in Paperback

Get at least one book published

Get interviewed on video for my writing

Get interviewed published for my writing

Get interviewed at least three times

Show up on Google Images

Have at least one Graduation ceremony

Have at least one story turned into a short/feature-length film




Complete Hajj

Complete Umrah

Go to Abu Dhabi Mosque

Go to Blue Mosque

Pray in public in a non-Muslim country



Bring awareness to Mental Health

Bring awareness to Bullying

Have at least 50 people interact with me for being influenced through my writing


Everyday accomplishments (need to be on a consistent basis)


Go feeling fulfilled at least one straight week

Write something original at least once a week

Buy something fancy for parents at least once/twice a month