My Bucket List: These Things Will Happen Before I Die

Before you start breaking down in tears over my supposedly upcoming death – or, in case you don’t like me, your cheers of delight – I’m not dying.

Or I am, I don’t know when it’s going to happen.

But I do know that if I die the conventional way (not getting blown up, shot, stabbed, maimed, or get a heart attack after getting stung by a bee – yeah, that’s the worst one), then I want the things I’ve got planned to have happened.

When I was a kid, I never thought of life as a cycle that kept repeating each day from school/work to house chores. I had this idyllic outlook with wide-eyed wonderment.

And you know what? That’s a good thing to have, because when you die, you won’t be thinking of those boring hours in the office, you’ll be thinking of the times where you were living.

But since we live in the frame of mind of “stop living in a fantasy”, when it comes to being larger than life, we stop dreaming – which kills you in a way.

For me, though, dreaming is what keeps me going day by day, and it is how I carry on my personal development.

I’ve got it all in my mind (taps forehead like a know-it-all) – lifestyle, travel, business, achievements, the works.

Even you can have this style of thinking; you’ll be surprised how exciting living can be when you give it the perspective of death.

Now, enough of setting it up; here’s a list of things I’ll be doing before I die.

Note: I’ll keep on updating this and scratching stuff out. So, when you see it not being updated anymore, then I’ve kicked the bucket.



Visit at least one country in each continent

Visit Spain and Italy (These are the big ones for me)

Visit space (or something close like an anti-gravity simulator)

Go on a solo trip across any country

Swing at the edge of the world

Bunk in a hostel/motel

Roam the streets in a completely unknown city late at night

Spend at least a day with a person I just met during travel


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Make at least $3000 per month through Freelance on a consistent basis (Initial)

Invest savings in Gold

Invest savings in Land

Be completely dependent on Freelancing income

Maintain Freelancing Business

Become a solo entrepreneur

Make passive income

Make money while traveling

Personal Development


Be able to talk in a social circle

Take pictures with complete strangers

Talk on stage

Complete two more books

Learn at least one more language

Learn to cook at least three major dishes

Teach someone (anything)

Build muscle good enough to be in magazines

Not get out within the first six balls in cricket

Wake up late and not miss a thing

Go a day without bout of anxiety

Go at least half an hour without procrastinating




Watch any cricket match in a stadium

Attend a WrestleMania

Attend a Cricket World Cup match

Watch a Manchester United game at Old Trafford



Get at least one book published in Paperback

Get at least one book published

Get interviewed on video for my writing

Get interviewed published for my writing

Get interviewed at least three times

Show up on Google Images

Have at least one Graduation ceremony

Have at least one story turned into a short/feature-length film




Complete Hajj

Complete Umrah

Go to Abu Dhabi Mosque

Go to Blue Mosque

Pray in public in a non-Muslim country



Bring awareness to Mental Health

Bring awareness to Bullying

Have at least 50 people interact with me for being influenced through my writing


Everyday accomplishments (need to be on a consistent basis)


Go feeling fulfilled at least one straight week

Write something original at least once a week

Buy something fancy for parents at least once/twice a month



Unhappiness: 5 Signs You’re Discontent With Life

You Stalk Other People’s Profiles

two women holding phones

I’m not saying the casual profile check, I mean that level of stalking where you browse through months and years’ worth of pictures and posts of someone you think has a cool life.

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There are always a few people who seem to be living it up, and you find yourself practically living in their news feed, waiting for any update and then marveling at how cool their lives are.

Flicking through their happenings give you a feeling that it’s as close you could get to that kind of life.

You Think Of Missed Opportunities

woman laying down wearing white V-neck top covering eyes

This doesn’t count just those things that might have happened a week ago, you think back to years and decades previously where you point out the moment where things could have been different.

You think of how your life might have been had you not gone with that decision on that day. You also lump together several opportunities you had but never took a chance on.

There are times when you see someone who got a similar opportunity you once had and rue how they’ve made it work while you didn’t.

You Daydream During Work/School

smiling woman looking upward

Ever had those times where you just stare into a book or a screen with nothing registering? During these moments you dream of where you could be rather than where you are.

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Your productivity takes a big hit at this point but you have no care for it; your mind has wandered far away to a distant land in your imagination. Before you know it, these daydreams become far too frequent.

These daydreams don’t have to be the same thing either, you can even start dreaming about the most random of things, as long as it’s nothing like what you have in real life.

You Want to Quit Day-to-Day Life

man falling from ceiling on bed

You start wondering how a life of adventure might be; you could do that, couldn’t you – is what you start telling yourself.

The daily schedule from home to work/school, and vice versa feels like a rope around your neck. Although you love your friends and family, they just don’t feel enough anymore, and you want to have something different than the monotonous jingle you hum to everyday.

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The idea of dropping everything without explanation sounds like a hopeless dream, but still a prospect that sounds lovely.

You Feel Down or Sad Most of the Time

man and woman sitting on sofa in a room

You can’t be discontent if you don’t feel sad. This happens as a general mood rather than a burst of sad feelings. Whatever you do as part of your normal routine carries these bouts of gloominess,

It’s not only the things you do, it’s also the things that you think of doing. The activities that should be making you feel excited only make you feel down. Not much matters because you don’t have any enthusiasm for it.

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Quote For The Week: Thoughts


 “All good things to those who wait”.

These words have been immortalized for good reason. They speak of one of the greatest truths in the world – you don’t achieve anything easy.

What you should remember, though, is that those thoughts you had long ago will still come true. You only need to wait.

The reason why people give up on their aspirations is due to their thinking process. They decide that, because things aren’t working out how they wanted them to, it’s not meant to be.

There’s nothing wrong with accepting something isn’t going to work out and to change your outlook, but you should remember that how you think does determine where you get to.

After all, you started out toward your goals with one thought in mind, and that was whatever you wanted at that time. When you give up on that, it’s only because you thought you couldn’t do it.

We’ve talked about dreaming for more, and having the right thought process counts toward that.

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If you keep that one thought in your head where you say “This will happen one day”, then there’s nothing stopping you from doing just that.

You had that thought because you felt you could do it – once – so who’s to say now it’s not possible? Only you, that’s who!

So, remember that what you have thought of – even if it was decades ago – it will become a reality if you keep that thought fresh in your mind; to revisit every time you think it might not be possible.

In this way, you are ultimately the product of your own mind, and if your thoughts say you can do it – then no one earth can deny it.

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Quote For The Week: Greatness

Image result for Saim Cheeda quote

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Ever feel you’re trapped in a place you can’t get out of?

Have you thought about the things you want to do but feel the time’s up to try for them?

I’ve got news for you: We all feel that way.

I’m not saying your problems aren’t important, or that you’re not unique in any way, but what I want you to know is that it’s a great thing that you want more.

When we’re growing up, we don’t stop to think about what we’ll be like in the future, not really. We have inklings, ideas, but nothing concrete.

It’s only after we’ve become the people we are now that we gain perspective over who we want to be.

There’s nothing wrong with being late to the party; you’re here, that’s what counts.

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Alternatively, if you’re still at that sweet stage in life where the world is still open for you to make decisions, then remember you have the luxury of making the most of this.

What’s really important, whether you feel you’re late or early, is that you have something to shoot for.

The people who have aspirations to go somewhere will always find themselves where they want to be.

It’s all about waiting it out until you find your sweet spot. As long as you have the aspirations needed to reach the point where you feel your goals will be met, you’re good to go.

Greatness is achieved when you feel you have it. No one can tell you you’re great if you don’t feel it yourself; it’s a feeling you need in your bones – the validation is only yours to give, no one else’s.

This self-reflection can’t be reached if you don’t have the will to achieve it. For that, you need to want more, to have that feeling of determination where you say “yes, I will get there someday”.

Only those who aspire for more can achieve more.

So, remember when you’re feeling as if you could’ve been something more and never got there, as long as you have the drive to try further, you will get there. No one can stop you achieving that Greatness, except you.

No one help you achieve Greatness, either, unless you’re willing to believe you can get there.