Who Am I?

Let’s just say I’m that one guy who doesn’t want to be just another person aimlessly drifting to the end of life as the years go by.

Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by thinking outside the box. To do things that people around me didn’t stop to consider. Because why shouldn’t we try to be different? What’s wrong with diversity?

So, I dabble with whatever fits my fancy, never worrying whether it would make me look like a fool (Truth be told, people think I’m a Goofball anyway) and hoping all the way that I succeed in following through with my passion.

There’s a lot every person has to offer, if only we explore those parts of ourselves. Which is where I come in.

Join me in my exploits as I seek to shatter my shackles and try out a variety of challenges. Whether it is writing, acting, traveling, or just voicing my opinions, you can be rest assured I’ll dip my toe in and test every water.

Wait, I realize I didn’t actually tell you guys who I am.

Well, My name is Saim Cheeda. The rest you’re going to have to find out for yourselves. Happy Blogging!